Who Else Wants to go Back in Time to the Golden Age of Bodybuilding where Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Sergio Oliva and Larry Scott ruled the roost?

Who says you can't go back in time? If you love bodybuilding and the stars and the routines from the Golden Age of Bodybuilding,
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If you've ever wanted to return to what many consider the greatest period of bodybuilding than let me introduce you to my latest ebook that will take you on an express trip there. Today's bodybuilders are great, no doubt about it. However, yesterday's bodybuilders may have a more natural look you may prefer. Remember the symmetry of Frank Zane, the huge mass of Sergio Oliva and the overall perfection of Arnold Schwarzenegger? Is this the look you want? Are these the guys you want to read about? If so then read on my friend!

Here's what this is all about: My name is Frank Meyers and since about 1965 I've been reading and collecting everything about bodybuilding I could get my hands on. Well, one era and one magazine seemed better than anything out there. There was a perfect merger of bodybuilding history and the writers to tell you about it. The era, which many called the Golden Age of Bodybuilding , took place in the 60's, the 70's and the early 80's. The magazine was Joe Weider's masterpiece Muscle Builder/Power. If you were a bodybuilder back then you probably remember waiting for the mailman to come with the current issue. When it was late you took your last buck and ran down to the corner store to buy a copy so now you had two. If you're a little younger, not to worry, as my new ebook on the Golden Age of Bodybuilding will take you back in time.

Here is what fitness trainer Scott York had to say about Big Muscles Forever: Lost Lost Secrets from the Golden Age of Bodybuilding.

"Big Muscles Forever" is a treasure trove of forgotten muscle building techniques, Golden Age gossip and insight into the men's lives who ruled the gyms in the 60's, 70's, 80's. Arnold, Zane, Franco, Waller, Ferrigno, Sergio, Chris Dickerson, Rick Wayne are all profiled along with many others.I love enjoying a cup of coffee and sitting back in my office while reading about those glory days of bodybuilding.Great work, Frank! You captured the magic and excitement of one of the greatest periods in bodybuilding."Big Muscles Forever" is one of my favorite ebooks to read when I want to revisit the training methods of some of the greatest bodybuilders in history.

Scott York


Doesn't it drive you nuts that if you want to read about these guys you have to look through brief but informative articles in the current magazines? Or you can always go on ebay and shell out between $10.00 and $60.00 for your favorite issue of Muscle Builder/Power if you can find it. Well, thanks to Big Muscles Forever: Long Lost Secrets from the Golden Age of bodybuilding you don't have to do either one. As stated earlier I've been reading everything I could get my hands on about bodybuilding since 1965. Joe Weider's Muscle Builder/Power is the bible of bodybuilding from that era. Plain and simple, I've gone through my complete collection of Muscle Builder/Power magazine and have summarized and reviewed the best of the best issues. The long lost secrets, the gossip, the life and most importantly the routines. You see many of the bodybuilders from the Golden Age are alive, kicking and in great shape! You can read how they are now doing and I would recommend that. However, if you want to read about what they did in their prime than Big Muscles Forever: Long Lost Secrets from the Golden Age of Bodybuilding will take you there, the best of the best! Read what Joe Vitale from the movie the Secret had to say:

"Awesome and inspiring! Some of the best wisdom ever!" - Dr. Joe Vitale, coauthor, "The Hercules Cookbook"

Here is just some of what you'll get when you return with me to the Golden age of Bodybuilding:

Frank, I was truly amazed at your ebook, "Big Muscles Forever..." It was a great walk down memory lane! I couldn't agree more this was the best era ever! Arnold, Franco, Lou, Padilla, Zane, Sergio, Waller, Draper, Katz etc..,. I had a blast reading your book and reliving those times!! Thanks You Frank!!!----Rick Edgell - Long time bodybuilder and fan

Here are some of the Super Routines from the pages of Muscle Builder/Power but summarized for the meat of the routine. You can be using these routines as soon as you download Big Muscles Forever: Long Lost Secrets from the Golden Age of Bodybuilding!

This is just some of what you will get when you return to the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. So how much is it going to cost you to go back in time and live and train with the stars? Much less than you probably thought! Just $39.77 gets you there but before you make your decision listen to what Claudia's Muscle Show had to say about Big Muscles Forever: Long Lost Secrets from the Golden Age of Bodybuilding!


My Name is Claudia Reid and I am a Podcaster from a show that I created through Blog Talk Radio called Muscle Talk 101. I have read big Muscles forever by Frank Meyers and I must say that it is the best book written about Bodybuilding. Most books I have read about bodybuilding have been lame and unsatisfying. This book covers everything from the past to the present. I can't wait for it to come out so that I can shout on the roof tops best book, written by Frank Meyers.

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Big Muscles Forever: Long Lost Secrets from the Golden Age of Bodybuilding is an ebook that contains over 100 pages of routines, gossip and information from the champions from the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. Results may vary per individual using these routines. Before starting any diet or exercise routine it is recommended that you get a check up from a medical doctor.

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